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Benefits Of Snap Aound Collars

Benefits Of Snap-Around Collars

A slip-on collar is usually made of chain or nylon and one that easily slips over the dog's head. As a result, it is generally too big to be an effective training tool. Studies have shown a high incident of significant tracheal and spinal injuries among dogs that are trained with this type of collar. Animal chiropractors have made similar observations of spinal misalignment caused by this collar. Not only are slip-on collars ineffective for purposes of training, but they also pose a danger to the trachea and spine of your dog. Therefore, avoid using a slip-on collar because it is not a very effective way to begin your training and it has a poor safety record. It is better to save your money and get something that works well such as the nylon snap-around collar.

The principal difference between a slip-on and a snap-around collar is that the latter has a clasp that enables you to fasten the collar around the dog's neck instead of having to slip it over his head. That way, you can fit the collar high on your dog's neck where you have the most control. The slip-on collar, on the other hand, slides down all the way to the point where the dog's neck joins the shoulders, which is the strongest area of the dog's body and where you have the least control. The snap-around collar is the first choice among dog owners because of its effectiveness and versatility. The ones that are mostly used are actually made of a material other than nylon that do not stretch or fray.

The major advantage of the snap-around collar is that it does not have to slip over your dog's head; it can be snapped directly around his neck to ensure a snug fit. It should fit high on his neck, just below his ears, as snug as a turtleneck sweater, for a maximum of control.

The snap-around collar is guaranteed to fit your dog properly. The collar should sit just below your dog's ears. Measure the circumference of your dog's neck directly behind his ears with a piece of string and then place the string next to a ruler to get the exact length and then get a collar that size. These collars come in inch increments. The snap-around collar consists of a clasp on one side, a ring on the other side, and a loose or floating ring.

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