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Keeping Your Puppy Confined

Keeping Your Puppy Confined

You will need something that is referred to as an "ex-pen" if your puppy cannot be confined to the kitchen or other safe area by means of doors or gates. The exercise-pen will keep your puppy safe and in one place, but it also allows him room to play, have access to water and use newspapers if he is a latchkey puppy with no one home during the day to take him outside. The "gate" mentioned is the good old baby gate which is now sold online and in pet stores as a "pet gate." Choose one that fits your doorway securely, is high enough that the pup cannot easily jump over it, and is constructed so the pup will not be encouraged to try his climbing techniques.

Many objects are irresistibly chewable, but not if first sprayed with a deterrent such as Grannick's Bitter Apple. The puppy will only accept this device as a barrier if he is taught to respect it as such. Another handy item is a window barrier that enables you to leave a car window partially open when you have to leave him in the car (in his crate or seat belt) for a few minutes, or while driving. This is also similar to a baby gate, and adjusts to the size of your car window. Speaking of which, the canine seat belt is the latest car safety feature to keep dogs out of the driver's lap. You should never leave any dog in any car in warm weather for any length of time. Heatstroke is rapid and fatal. When your puppy is older, you may want a back-seat barrier to keep a large dog safely in the back seat of a car or in the back space of a station wagon.

Dog waste has to be disposed of, and there are several easy ways to do it. Pooper scoopers are easy to use clean-up tools, and backyard waste systems that work with natural enzymes are a popular means of disposal. More and more towns are enforcing ordinances requiring owners to pick up after their dogs in all public areas. All responsible dog owners today carry disposable plastic mitts, or plastic sandwich bags. Put your hand in the bag, pick up the excrement, fold the plastic down over your hand and carry it home or to the nearest trash bin in one of the fabric zip bags on the market.

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